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We serve as consultants, implementers, and custodians for businesses catering to guests with travel itineraries across Indonesia. With a commitment to diligence and care, we manage everything from basic ticketing to intricate group travel plans. We act as ambassadors for your service standards while your clients are in Indonesia, overseeing all aspects including, but not limited to, flights, accommodations, transfers, tours, airport services, and document handling. Our top priority is ensuring the well-being of your clients.

We do not charge for enquiries or consultations, we are happy to assist as much as we can to your guests, we only apply a small admin fee as a service charge when making any booking.

  1. Planning Comprehensive Itineraries: Booking through online platforms lacks the ability to craft detailed travel itineraries.
  2. Finding Convenient Connections: Online platforms may not efficiently search for the most convenient travel connections for your clients.
  3. Assisting with Check-In Issues: Online platforms are not equipped to assist with check-in problems that may arise during the travel process.
  4. Handling Lost Luggage: Online platforms typically do not offer support in the event of lost luggage incidents.
  5. Having Airport Connections: Online platforms lack personal connections and assistance within airports for smoother travel experiences.
  6. Immediate Refunds: Unlike our service, online platforms may not provide immediate refunds in certain situations.
  7. Customer Care: Online platforms may lack the personalized care and attention that our service ensures for your clients.
  8. Additional Services: Online platforms often lack the range of additional services and support that we provide beyond basic bookings.

We offer a diverse range of tours across Indonesia, encompassing single and multi-day options. Our extensive tour portfolio spans various destinations, including South Sulawesi, Borneo, Papua, Sumba, Sumatera, Java, Bali, Flores, Lombok, and more. Whether you prefer city tours, day excursions, or overnight adventures, we provide both standard and customized tour packages to suit your preferences.

We maintain contacts at all airports to assist your guests with a range of services. This includes group check-in, visa-on-arrival facilitation, VIP arrivals, fast-track services, luggage handling, and wheelchair assistance. We cater to all the needs your guests might have during their travel experience.

We have our local transport suppliers in all locations throughout Indonesia. whether it is for transfers or full day rentals, or even multiple day rentals, we are able to support your guests.

We have an extensive network of connections with al Liveabaords that operate here in Indonesia, and will work directly with the guests and the operator incase there is a need to provide emergency support and to ensure we are on hand to answer any questions from guests of the operators directly.

We have an extensive network of connections with Dive Resorts that operate here in Indonesia, and will work directly with the guests and the operator incase there is a need to provide emergency support and to ensure we are on hand to answer any questions from guests of the operators directly.

Yes, we adhere to the refund policies set by our suppliers. If you qualify for a refund, we ensure it aligns with the terms and conditions outlined by the supplier. Upon receiving the refunded amount from the supplier, we promptly transfer it back to you. If you plan to utilize the refund for a new booking, we seamlessly add the refunded sum to your credit, eliminating the need for any waiting period associated with the supplier’s process.

We can handle multiple payment options from your guests, these can be either via a Bank Transfer, Wise or online card payment system. We can accept the following currencies. USD, EUR, IDR. 

We do and can provide this for a out top partners that we work with, we understand and appreciate that in some cases with emergencies, that the accounts department may be closed and we need to get things actioned. So we can be very flexible.

In the event of an emergency, we are committed to providing robust support for your clients. We take this responsibility very seriously and are proud of our reputation for responsive assistance. Our team is dedicated to facilitating communication, offering advice, and proposing solutions to the best of our knowledge. We stay by their side for as long as necessary, keeping you informed whenever possible. Additionally, we furnish you with a 24/7 emergency phone number, ensuring access to English-speaking assistance at any time.

Are team is very committed to being able to provide full support to your guests no matter the time of day or time zone, we are always on hand in an emergency to ensure your guests reach there destinations in time.

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